Ubuntu Goodness

A new Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available Issue1 makes for good reading.

I like the make over of the http://www.ubuntu.com/ website too, much prettier and better organised at the home page.

There are also lots of Ubuntu 6.06 release links:

Definitely continues to be my Linux distribution of choice.

Hat tip: Congratulations: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (Issue #1) | Desde America, con amor.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Goodness

  1. Pam

    Hmm. I have just received my Ubuntu CD and I can’t get it to run. It says to stick the CD in then reboot to run as a Live CD but I just keep getting Windows XP. I need a computer consultant! Maybe I’ll offer you lunch after I move to Kidderminster in exchange for installing Ubuntu on my computer! ;-)

  2. DaveW

    2 possibilities.
    - Your computer is not setup to boot from CDROM. To change this you need to go into the BIOS configuration (the is the basic hardware support before the operating system is loaded). Usually there is a display before windows starts to load. It often tells you what key to press to get into the configuration. The key is typically F1 or Del or Esc. On the menus there will be somewhere to change the boot order. It is probably set to boot from the hard disk first.
    - Or your cdrom driver/pc is older and does not support booting from CDROM. It should be possible to create a boot floppy in this case (but I have not needed to do so for Ubuntu so far)

  3. Pam

    Dave: I’ll try changing the bios file if I have the guts. The computer ain’t that old; it’s a 3-year Dell and my previous computer booted from the CD.


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