2 thoughts on “WiFi option for SunRays

  1. Matt Ingenthron

    I’d like to see wireless Sun Rays too. Still, there are some challenges. It wouldn’t be like the ethernet counterpart.
    Ethernet is nearly always switched these days. With switching, CDMA gets lower latencies really quick. Radio waves are always going to be shared media, so you can’t switch it, as such. WiFi uses a collision avoidance algorithm, meaning higher latencies.
    Having said all of that, I think there’s still a good fit. It just wouldn’t be the same as 100-BT. You do know that Tadpole (http://www.tadpolecomputer.com/html/products/mobile/comet/) has a wifi Sun Ray device, right? I’ve used one– they’re pretty cool. Supposedly, one of these things will run for 10 hours on a single battery charge.
    Hopefully they’ll consider it for future products. Perhaps you should get someone to open an RFE for you and then rally the troops to call in on their service contracts to register their interest.

  2. DaveW

    Thanks. Good points. Yes. I have seen the Tadpole. But it is not the whole answer. The ergonomics of a separate screen and keyboard is better and WiFi is not just for mobile but also where cabling is not easy.
    I doubt if WiFi ultra-thin clients will scale very far. For home and small businesses I hope it will be ok. Maybe they will invent a similar idea to switching where each client uses a different radio frequency or some other collision avoidance technique.


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