1st commit

Progress following a somewhat depressed comment in 42: Weekend Summary.

This means that despite my new power to work on Leonardo (commit permissions) I have not done any more than be a user with the Raunds Methodist Church site,

So I have now done my first commit to the Leonardo project and marked a tracker item as resolved. It was a huge patch: 1 line added and 1 line indented.

However, James and I had a good chat this evening about ideas for improving the menu. I have done a hack for my own sites that changes the menu considerably but we wanted a neater way of doing this in the standard version. Looks like we are making progress on how it might be done. It could well include using ezt for templating. See http://asdf.blogs.com/asdf/2005/09/ for some info about ezt. (note we would probably need to change the syntax markers from [ ] to avoid clashes with the wiki formats – maybe to { } as that would also work in html.

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