PyConDC 2005

It would have been nice to have gone to PyCon but just before Easter was not good timing. Anyway here some of the good things I have picked up from the coverage (which has been excellent).

First what they planned to do PyCon DC 2005 Program and all the papers PyConDC 2005 Conference Proceedings (it would be nice if some of the gaps were filled, still there is a lot of good stuff here). Second a useful PyCon Blog with links, thoughts and pictures.

Some of the talks that caught my eye were Roundup Issue Tracker – PyCon 2005 Presentation, UK payroll with PayThyme (home at

Also PyBlosxom: A microkernel approach to blogging which now has a new release pyblosxom.1.2.html which includes WSGI and Twisted support beyond just CGI ( see manual). I wonder whether this can get to the level where it is a real contender compared to WordPress which seems to be way in the lead at the moment. For my own interest the restriction on a single category per post is one of the biggest.

For wider support of many of these I think it is the python support on standard ISP’s that is still the big problem. cgi is all that is normally available. I still think the answer is for all python web applications to be wsgi compliant. Then with good wsgi servers for cgi, fastcgi, mod_python, twisted and a stanalone web server (like the way cherrypy runs) we have a range of options that we can really push to ISP’s.

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    Happy Easter Day!

    I know I’m like 24 hours early, but Happy Easter. Since the library is closed tommorow, I won’t be blogging. Sorry. Too bad It doesn’t feel like holidays in this year..Ohh well. Any way, I hate cold food. I got to eat cold food tommorow (Sausage, Eggs,…


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