6 thoughts on “Python Web Framework Statistics

  1. Jason Huggins

    Just be sure to let folks that I thought of it first. :-)
    “Ask Google: Python Web Framework Statistics”
    -Jason :-)
    P.S. See the comments on my blog post for someone’s suggestion on how to get the “python aquarium” results to be more accurate… Though if we got more accurate, we’d have to do that for everyone… ’tis the path to insanity. ;-)

  2. thakadu

    If I get a chance over the weekend I will add a page for language comparisons as well. I have now added Albatross as well. (Although the search term needs to be refined.)

  3. DaveW

    Jason, You are right, the original email from which I found the comparison webpage did give you credit and I did not include it. Sorry.
    Thakadu, I like the improvements. How about adding python rhubarbtart? So far it ranks at the bottom with 157 hits: h’mm that should now be 158 for rhubarbtart ;-).

  4. thakadu

    Sure I will add rhubarbtart just as soon as the traffic dies down a bit. And I too would like to reiterate that it was Jason’s idea originally.


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