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There has been lots of progress in the python world recently. I keep opening posts but not getting time to write them. So this is more a list than comment (well that is how it started, now grown a bit with comments about Leonardo).

First lots related to Turbogears. A wrapper framework which connects several best of breed python components: Blue Sky On Mars – Kevin Dangoor’s Weblog � Blog Archive � A brief history of TurboGears, I blog therefore I am: frameworks, magaframeworks and metaframeworks, Ajaxian: TurboGears: Python in the battle,

One of those components is Kid which I feel we should be moving towards in Leonardo.  Web Services Infrastructure: Kid Templating [] given the high value I place on producing well formed XML. See Blue Sky On Mars – Kevin Dangoor’s Weblog � Blog Archive � Web Services Infrastructure: Kid Templating and HOWTO Avoid Being Called a Bozo When Producing XML (via Ned Batchelder: September 2005). It helps that significant people support the idea of proper xml see Sam Ruby: XML Cleansing.

Another key concept which seems to be gaining a lot of attention is Atom stores, Leonardo shouldn’t miss out going from James Tauber : Coding Weekend.

Also, PythonPaste has been going great guns with many commits, so hopefully plugable python web applications are coming closer. Again something to look at for Leonardo when time permits.

Meanwhile I did commit the changes so that leonardo has a Atom 1.0 feed that is valid. However, I do want to get Kid plugged in as the template tool so that it will guarantee well formed xhtml. If at a similar time we can get the two wiki syntaxes merged then we should have a great combination of powerful templating, easy authoring and valid xhtml (or html as chosen).

James has already added some cool stuff to Leonardo allowing us to get resources listed by date. So a site wide atom feed should be quite easy. All we need then is a site map/resource manager provider and Leonardo becomes an excellent generic file sharing app as well as a content management system.

One other minor coding issue for Leonardo though is the need to handle static files a little better, at the moment the http headers are not correctly keeping the resource date, therefore the browser does not cache images or css etc. That will provide a big performance boost when we fix it.

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