A Call To Men

Some wonderful news from America as we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Read the whole of A Call To Men and all the posts it links to to find new hope for men through freedom.
Here are a few choice quotes:

The creation account is interesting in that there is a moment when God allows Adam to first see life without the presence of Eve. And the point is to call out what was MISSING. “It is not good for man to be alone.” And then God reveals that Eve is within Adam. The whole of humanity is found in the both/and. And it hit me in a very deep way. The whole of humanity is only found in both expressions of God’s image, in the male and the female.

And when we oppress women by cutting out their voices, their participation, and their calling to leadership we have in essence cut ourselves off from the whole picture of our own humanity. We have oppressed ourselves. We are missing the half that is part of us. And again, none of this is new, but what these events did was unveil my eyes to the path to restoration and wholeness.

So today I want to call men out of their own oppression by refusing to oppress the other half of themselves: women. And I’m talking flat out refuse. This is not a call to think about it. This is a call to step up and own it as a completely different way of living, one defined by grace, invitation, and permission, not shame, rejection, and fear. The truth is we’re not even giving women permission. We’re validating the permission that God has already given to them. And this will mean owning our own history as the male half, even if we didn’t participate. It will mean seeking forgiveness with the women around us, reminding them that it is our part to redeem the oppression we have created. And in some cases, it will also mean taking on the responsibility for our neighbor, who has not yet discovered his own courage.

Our freedom only comes when we first stop participating in the
oppression of women.  It is time to remove our shame.  It is time to
step into our own calling as men and be love in the fiercest way
possible, and against the most oppressive of enemies.  And our enemy is not our neighbor standing near or afar, but the lie that lures us to oppress each other.
For all of us, it is time to end this oppression against women so
restore not for their sake but for ours as well.  And when we do we can
rediscover the whole image of humanity and of God in our midst.

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Hat tip: Re-vis.e Re-form: A Call to Men.

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