A connected world

Today I met the accompanist for my "Accompanied Self Appraisal" (the current Methodist scheme for annual appraisal of Methodist Ministers – h’mm, just realised that I am not sure off the top of my head whether it is for Deacons and Presbyters or just Presbyters – but I digress).

As we talked over lunch (and there is another first for me, I never did my staff appraisals over lunch – much more civilised this way, even if the process will take several months) I mentioned that I had lived in Crawley before being stationed to Raunds. Immediately he asked if I knew Janet … I said yes, she had been a good friend of my parents which is how I had first got to know her. He then asked if my dad was Mike Warnock and it turned out that he had known Dad through the Questors youth group at Beckminister Methodist Church in Wolverhampton, he was about 3 or 4 years younger than dad.

Methodists in this country often joke that when we meet we will soon find a connection such as a mutual friend, but connections like this still surprise and delight me.

One thought on “A connected world

  1. Sally

    Deacons, presbyters and Lay Workers as it happens!
    As for connectedness, both of my daughters ( 19 and 23) are in fairly serious relationships with Methodist Ministers sons….what is that about???! ( actually they are wonderful young men and we are very pleased!)


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