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"Blue with a hint of Amber" or "Bwahoa" (as lazy typists like me abbreviate it to) has been commenting a fair bit on my recent posts about gender. As he is a complementarian we disagree completely on that issue. Fortunately I can trump his The Road to "Elder" ado: 2 years… with our 42: Twenty years and counting :-)

On the other hand we have complete agreed on other issues such as the false teaching that is the "prosperity gospel".See his comment here 42: The Todd Bentley revival.

Anyway, Bwahoa now has a blog and so the true identity is revealed as David Matthias. Also the title ‘The Road to "Elder" ado
reveals a sense of humour that is promising in someone who believes in
male headship, so maybe he might come to a knowledge of the truth before long :-)

Meanwhile this cartoon can remind us of our present relationship on gender issues:


At the same time another frustrating gender based discussion limps along at Role Calling: A Semi-Pragmatic, Less Theological Open Letter to Egalitarians, hampered by slow moderation (several days for my first comment) and threats of banning for disagreeing with male headship and challenging patronising language. You can see my earlier posts in response to this blog at 42: A bizarre gender debate and 42: What does Male Headship teach? where I do not moderate the comments and have a much thicker skin – although I do delete spam, advertising and malicious abuse. Plus I will respond robustly to idiotic theology eg see this comment: 42: The Todd Bentley revival.

Comic hat tip: xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe.

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One thought on “A new blog to disagree with

  1. Blue, with a hint of amber

    Love the cartoon!
    I think more and more christians need to “tag team” on issues of agreement and “challenge each other in love” on issues that they don’t.
    The problem is when we get all tribal about a specific issue and write off a movement / viewpoint on the basis of its excesses (in our view).
    An example – a previous local methodist minister said publicly in the hearing of several people “I don’t care if you believe that God lives in a tree at the end of your garden, as long as you believe in God”.
    But that does not stop me working with the new minister on elements of joint mission within Hope 08.


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