After T4G What About “Together on a Mission 06″

Adrian is inviting us all to a conference: Adrian’s Blog: After T4G What About "Together on a Mission 06".

I have been reading the blurb and would like clarification. I see no explicit mention of gender. Are all people welcome to this conference? I see that the speakers are almost entirely male (and I think all but one of the women as listed after their husband).

If this is to be the conference to go to after T4G then I for one would appreciate clarity on this issue.

12 thoughts on “After T4G What About “Together on a Mission 06″

  1. Sally

    One thing I deal with everytime people approach us regarding the Mind Body Soul Outreach is that it is ME that heads that up… I struggle not to get mad with people who KNOW BETTER and introduce us as TIM and Sally who do this work… Tim always graciously explains that his speciality is film, mine is New Agers… it is infuriating but we will keep plugging on… some people don’t and won’t see, I am not worried by them… just sad because they are missing out on hearing/learning from half of Gods good teachers and leaders… their loss!

  2. Glenn Piper

    Yes, all people are welcome at the Newfrontiers conference. Women are not present as main speakers because Newfrontiers recognises the truth of male only leadership of the Church.
    The women who are listed as speaking are doing so in seminars which are intended for women.
    The men and women who are attending are from over 50 nations.
    You don’t have to belong to Newfrontiers to attend and I am aware of people who have attended in the past who didn’t agree with all that Newfrontiers teaches, but used it as an opportunity to see what we are about.

  3. DaveW

    When commenting it would be helpful if you would acknowledge that there are a variety of Christian positions and scriptural interpretations. For example instead of
    “Women are not present as main speakers because Newfrontiers recognises the truth of male only leadership of the Church.”
    you might have said
    “Women are not present as main speakers because Newfrontiers follows an interpretative tradition of scripture that recognises male only leadership in the Church.”
    Every time you present your theological view point as absolute truth I (at least) feel attacked as someone you believe to be neither a Christian nor a member of a valid Church. From just about any viewpoint that sucks pastorally, ethically and lovingly as a Christian witness.
    Clearly as someone with a very different interpretative tradition I will not support a conference that denies our understanding of Scripture.

  4. Adrian

    Hi Dave!
    I think that you would find little at TOAM06 to complain about since the newfrontiers boys do not tend to emphasise strongly their view of the gender issue. Interestingly apart from the reading of the “statement” I didnt notice any mention of it in the T4G messages. I would love to know what you make of the T4G messages if you ever get a chance to listen to them…and I would love to see you at what I think may well be the biggest gathering of church leaders in the UK this year – and yes the women WILL be there in force – my wife and I are both looking forward to it

  5. Glenn Piper

    Methinks you go to far. Nothing I have said implies that you are not a Christian.
    The worst you could realistically get from anything I have said is that I might consider you a mis-guided Christian,but to state that I believe you are not a Christian is going to far.
    If you insist on it there is nothing I can do to change it.
    Now lets see, ‘Pastorally’ ummmm well, I would think that pastorally if I consider you to be gravely mistaken in a certain area I should point it out rsather than leave you in the error.
    I fail to see how ethics enters into it at all, but thats me.
    To leave you in what most of Christian history since the time of Christ has considered wrong would hardly qualify as being a ‘loving Christian Witness’
    From many viewpoints that would not ‘Suck’ as you chose to put it.
    We may disagree strongly on this issue, but I have never told you that you ‘suck’, nor have I ever accused you of considering me a non-Christian or of belonging to a non-valid church.

  6. Steve

    There is a way to interact like a reasonable human being though Glenn. If you want to suggest that Dave is wrong, then I’m sure he won’t object. You could though recognise that other in the church, perhaps a majority of them in this country, belive differently on this.
    I would add that the way you did comment, and on a post about that very issue seems to me to be deliberatly aimed at picking a fight, rather than joining in a conversation. Dave didn’t accuse you of anything. He simply told you how he felt when you commented in the way you did.
    Did you hear him say that?
    Are you really proud of it?
    Sensitivities aside, do you really think that this way of interacting is helpful or as you put is, pastorally appropriate?

  7. DaveW

    Biggest? I wonder how it compares to the Methodist Conference? Or the Anglican Synods etc?
    All our denominations do things in different ways. Our structure is very much based on democratic representation. All our Ministers can attend conference but we also elect representatives as ministers and Churches. All the key items of our conference agenda will have been studied, debated and prayed over by all the local Churches. Also our conference is more about being a governing body. We do our encouraging, teaching and development in different ways (generally preferring local smaller groups or open events such as Easter People).
    I know the Baptists also elect Church representatives to their conference.
    Now to return to the would I be welcome and would I go. I am sure I might be welcome and I am sure that the messages might be very good but:
    - I would feel that I was betraying the ministry of my own Church by attending a conference that would deny ordained ministers from my Church a voice on the platform.
    - From my own experience to not have teaching from women at a conference would be to risk missing God’s message to us today.
    I wish you well and hope you have a fantastic conference.
    I look forward to the day when we can jointly have conferences and hear ordained women in positions of authority among the speakers – that will be a very exciting time to experience the Holy Spirit bringing life, unity, hope and challenge to us all.
    I know that people like to say the Methodist Church is dying, please allow me to point out that IMHO a key reason for us still being here and for much of our new life and growth are the women God has called to lay and ordained ministry in our Church. If only we had acted quicker and started ordaining women years earlier we might be in a very different place now.

  8. Adrian

    I said “possibly” the biggest precisely as I dont know how it compares! We live in parallel christian worlds you and I that almost forget each other exists! There are around 4,000 people booked in at the moment, so perhaps you could tell me how it compares!

  9. DaveW

    4,000 is a lot bigger than the Methodist Conference, as that is more about policy and strategy than teaching. More like the sizes we used to have for MAYC London weekends and Easter People. The Methodist Church has been moving more regionally in recent years to increase participation.
    But 4,000 is obviously a lot more than Pastors. How many Churches does New Frontiers have now? If it is widened out so far beyond pastors then the lack of women speakers seems strange even for a denomination that takes a Male leadership view.

  10. Glenn Piper

    Newfrontiers has close to 500 churches spread across the world and many churches have two or more Elders. There are of course others who are part of the full time staff and of course those who have secular work as well as serve on the various teams in smaller churches.
    Then there are Pastors/Elders from churches who are not affiliated with New Frontiers, but who attend to ‘see what Newfrontiers’ is about.
    There are attendees from 50 countries.

  11. Adrian

    Thanks for the stats re the methodist conference. I think comparing it with TOAM06 is like comparing chalk and cheese. TOAM6 is for anyone involved in any level of church leadership. It is interesting the notion of how strange it seems to you – I guess I would find the methodist confernce strange also!
    Newfrontiers would not self-identify as a denomination and I suspect that a very large proportion of the attendees will come from other types of churches – this is a confernece more in keeping with the notion of a “bible camp” than a formal denominational gathering to consider strategy.
    I would stress that newfrontiers IS open to women serving the church in all kinds of forms of ministry/leadership. Many of the women attendees will have a level of leadership within congregations – including serving churches full time.

  12. DaveW

    I don’t think it is simply the idea of a Conference for Church Leaders that seems strange. Yes the lack of women leading and speaking is very weird and strange to me. But otherwise I have no problems.
    It also took the Church of England many centuries to self-identify as a denomination (some would say that they still don’t)! :-)
    “I would stress that newfrontiers IS open to women serving the church in all kinds of forms of ministry/leadership. Many of the women attendees will have a level of leadership within congregations – including serving churches full time.”
    By not having women speakers there is a disconnect between this statement and reality. You can’t have your cake and eat it. Either New Frontiers believes in male only leadership and has only male speakers or it does not.


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