An open letter to UCCF Region Team Leaders

Dear Team Leader,

I intend to continue my survey of CU's and Women Speakers that I started with the South West Region (see my posts: 42: University CU's and women speakers (SW Region) and 42: Updates on Women Speakers in CU's in the South West).

I am very interested in working with you so that what I write is as accurate as possible.

You can contact me by

or on twitter @Dave42W or by commenting below. I am happy to talk on the phone if you prefer (just let me know and I can give you my number or you can give me yours).

I have not sent this by the UCCF website email service as that specifically asks me not to use it to contact more than a couple of people.

Team Leaders:

  • Scotland: Mark Ellis
  • Wales: Owen Brown
  • North East: Peter Dray
  • North West: Ruth Port
  • Midlands: Tim Dennis
  • Cenrtral: Graham Shearer
  • South West: Dave Bish
  • South East: Naomi Dawson
  • London: Natasha Kasprowicz

If you know any of these team leaders please pass this onto them.

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