Ask John Piper – Do some complementarians deny women opportunities?

Ask John Piper – Do some complementarians deny women opportunities?.

John Piper admits that there are “ambiguities” and that he is “sure” people make “unwise decisions” in their restriction of women. After all what is a woman to do when men start gravitating towards her room when she is teaching the bible? Does she kick them out of her class, stop her godly teaching, or continue to teach? What is sin and what isn’t sin?

If women are “equals” with a man spiritually, then what biblical spiritual restrictions are there on men? When does a man who is a godly Christian man go from servant of God to sinner just because of who walks into his bible class? The fallacy of “equal but different” is never so blatantly false as when complementarians like John Piper try to talk about the “ambiguities”. The fact is that they teach “unequal and different” while the Bible teaches “fellow heirs”.

I confess I love it when Cheryl Schatz ties complementarians up in knots. Sorry about that. Make sure you read the whole post as Cheryl is very nice about it and does not gloat as she demolishes John Piper.

2 thoughts on “Ask John Piper – Do some complementarians deny women opportunities?

  1. Cameron

    Ha, that’s funny! Piper can be a real stickler for certain doctrines (Calvinism is another) and get himself into a lot of trouble. I’ve grown up with mostly complementarian views on such matters, but lately I’ve found those views challenged by none other than the Bible… odd how the Bible itself blows apart a lot of “biblical” ideas.


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