Awesome Women of the Reformation | The Resurgence

Awesome Women of the Reformation | The Resurgence confuses me.

These women were key to the Reformation, yet they would be as unwelcome today in many "reformed" churches as they were then.

Indeed some of the the "reformed" (sorry for the scary quotes but I can't help seeing the name as an oxymoron given how determined some of the the "reformed" are to not reform) are trying more than ever to "unreform" our attitudes to women.

Consider the Updated NIV Bible and debates like The NIV on 1 Timothy 2:12 | Denny Burk (warning very heavily moderated, I would not bother trying to disagree with Denny Burk in a comment). Their debate is all about what men would like 1 Timothy 2:12 to read, with men saying they would prefer the verse to read that women should not "exercise authority". Well duh! These are men in authority in Churches that don't believe women should have any authority no wonder that is what they want the Bible to say. By the way not in passing that they choose never to refer to the King James Version as it (along with Calvin's Bible) does not support their case as it has "usurp authority".

Of course one problem with changing this verse to match what men would like it to say is that in Scripture women do exercise authority (and Paul welcomes it cf Romans 16 containing several examples).

That leaves us with where we began. How is it that the "reformed" tradition that had powerful women with authority as key players in it's history is now "reforming" women out of authority? What is more the way they are doing this is deceitful, see Suzanne's Bookshelf: Denny Burk on the NIV 2011.

Hat tip to The Simple Pastor » I link therefore I am (19.11.10)

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