Confusing Humility/Modesty and Moderation

In Humility in all the Wrong Places I think Adrian is again confusing humility/modesty with moderation. So often it seems that in order to avoid the trap of wrong humility/modesty people feel the need to move to extremes. We can see this over issues  such as Penal Substitution.

There is a fear that anything other than an extreme position does not allow for passion and zeal. That anything moderate must automatically be weak and lack conviction.

This is incorrect. Jesus demonstrated this. He was extreme only in love. He refused to be driven to the extreme in dealing with the Romans or those who attacked him (except that extreme of love).

Henry has written well about this: Threads from Henry’s Web » Being a Passionate Moderate.

5 thoughts on “Confusing Humility/Modesty and Moderation

  1. Dave Warnock

    What is extreme is the presentation and the demands that it be the centre of the gospel.
    Oh and the reaction to Christians to reject PSA, or who challenge it.

  2. Dave Warnock

    The way it is often said is extreme. Again review the comments made about Steve Chalke. They are extreme. PSA and Christianity are not one and the same thing.

  3. Peter Kirk

    It’s extreme to say something extreme is central. It is also extreme to say that any one thing is so central that those who don’t agree that it is central are completely rejected, for example as blasphemers.


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