endirect: Purchasing spirituality at the on-line store…

endirect: Purchasing spirituality at the on-line store…. strikes a chird with me. On Thursday I lead my first small group using a DVD course.

It actually went better than I expected. While it is less work to lead a group in this way I am still concerned about a number of issues:

  • The high profiles of some of the leaders of these courses and also their lavish lifestyles.
  • The adoption of business techniques with little or no theological reflection on how they fit with kingdom values
  • How US focused they are.
  • How much do they really grow people in love, faith, fellowship and discipleship? Are they a way of avoiding some issues and challenges.
  • What are their real goals? From the outside they sometimes appear to be more about a successful (financially) global brand than about the kingdom of God.

For the moment I am going to continue. But I am much happier with materials that are more closely tied to scripture and the kingdom of God that more directly challenge local issues and life and which stretch local people as leaders.

Of course it might simply be that I am too suspicious of success (but since when has worldly success been part of the Gospel message?).

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