Finding real Christianity

{Insert Random Hymn Quote}: Just venting. . .. and  Transforming Sermons: Discipleship is much more than a happier life seem to be making a similar point.

Makes sense to me. Unfortunately on the internet the poor, the elderly and the disenfranchised don’t have much of a voice. So it is easier to get a distorted view of the Christian life.

Today I have taken my 3rd funeral service. All 3 have been for older Christian ladies and there have been some significant similarities that demonstrate this point. None had easy lives yet all had a strong faith that touched many people. Yet these are not the stories of Christianity that we hear or share enough.

In the past when I worked for the United Bible Societies I was honoured to meet with and work with Christians from many parts of the world. Many of these did not have easy lives, their faith, personal relationship with Christ and discipleship were amazing.

When we ignore these voices then we ignore Christ and the work of the Spirit. We end up with a less than complete gospel.

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One thought on “Finding real Christianity

  1. Turbulent Cleric

    I can identify with your thoughts, Dave. In the past month I have taken the funerals of two of my members. They were very different personalities but what they had in common were deep faith stories and incredible serenity as their lives came to a close.


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