Forgiveness and grace

An original story at weblog :: on “The Pain of the Longview” found from such small hands: Grace Sucks.

When we see what it costs us to forgive and offer grace then how much more aware we can become of the cost that God was willing to pay on the cross for us.

It has been argued that in the Gospels Jesus caused a rumpus many a time by forgiving before people repented, that is a hard thing for us to grasp, a harder thing to do – certainly not a cheap and easy fix but a costly journey.

This is explored in some detail in Fiddes book “Participating in God”. There are many issues raised that I find exciting and challenging. Certainly thinking about these issues is a good way to remove complacency. The pain of people needing to live with this battle and journey is not something to be taken lightly.

I was reminded of this need to embark on costly journeys of forgiveness while we just watched a horrific program on BBC2, Louis Theroux and the Nazis (probably a separate post coming). It gives a small gut wrenching glimpse of how it might be to live in a world without grace or forgiveness. I pray that these people may experience the love and forgiveness in their lives that only Christ can bring, that his healing may transform their beings.

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