Fresh Expressions / Changing Church?

Oh good Pam has saved me writing a blog entry about Wednesday evening PamBG’s Blog: Fresh Expressions / Changing Church?.

It was a good evening, the DVD is being ordered and I will be pushing for more action in this area. The stats are scary. 60% of the population can’t connect with traditional ways of being church, that means all the variety of worship styles that cause so much tension still only widen the spectrum to 40% of the population.

Action, this day: well not today, it’s my day off ;-)

2 thoughts on “Fresh Expressions / Changing Church?

  1. Sally

    Hi Dave, I must admit to being slightly frustrated on Wednesday evening about the type of questions being asked, I’ve come in to Foundation training from a background in Emerging Church, I recognise that some emerging groups are now moving towards the need of ministry of word and sacrament(esp the New Agers I work amongst).
    My frustration was about the lack of understanding of the Fresh Expressions/Emergent initiative….on reflection I sense that what is needed is better dialogue, I see that many of us involved with Fresh Expressions have in some ways disconnected ourselves from the traditional church. This is a foolish thing to do.
    Interestingly Prof John Drane (I work with John in New Age Exhibitions) sent me an editorial he had written on Fresh Expressions/Emerging Church,if anyone would like a copy he’s given me permission to pass it on.

  2. DaveW

    I would certainly like a copy of John’s editorial, I have been a fan of his stuff ever since reading The McDonaldization of the Church.
    I am fortunate in this appointment of having an amazingly committed congregation at Raunds. We have our fresh expression of worship, although so far it has not reached many outside the Church. But I know we will be doing more and not just alone but also with David K at the western end of the circuit and with Shena the local CoE Vicar.
    I totally agree on the need for more dialogue, also more prayer and discipleship. As you say how we connect together is going to be critical for the long term.


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