Greenbelt 08 report 3

My second talk from this morning was Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance (still – just). A great talk, I wish the EA would come across in this way more frequently (in Joel’s terms "centrist") and divorce itself from the hard right.

For example Joel referred back to the historical Evangelical definition (from Bebbington?) of 4 key emphases:

  • Biblical basis
  • Centrality of the Cross
  • Conversion
  • Transformation (of communities resulting from transformed lives).

I have always liked and identified with this, but not the "hard" version:

  • inerrancy
  • penal substitution only
  • a specific experience described with the right buzz words in the right order
  • transformation on specific issues only

Great talk, now at "The Kitchen" for a panel on scripture which includes Joel and Richard from this morning.

2 thoughts on “Greenbelt 08 report 3

  1. PamBG

    Joel Edwards is great and I agree with you that it’s a shame evangelicalism doesn’t come across more like him.
    I was hoping to be at Greenbelt during the day today but everything has gone crazy here. Not a quiet last fortnight of August for me!


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