Greenbelt 08 report 1

Arrived today (Fri) for the start of the Greenbelt Festival. An early start saw us leave home just after 6:30am but this meant we got onto the campsite much earlier than last year. Some obvious improvements were visible as we arrived with new roads to the site, much better routing and even more toilets.

The kids have all been busy going off to things, we managed a nice coffee in Mocha Mania and met up with an old friend from my university days, plus her family. Continued back at our caravan until a few minutes ago.

We have an immediate party of 9 sharing cooking, part of a larger group from our circuit of over 20 this year. Several are here for the first time which means it is good that it stopped raining while we were queuing.

Many other changes with improvements and expansions all over the place, so much to explore and do!

Going now as I have to get up in time to collect a session token for our youngest, they open at 8:45 but the queue will start much earlier.

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