Greenbelt 2009 – Arrival

Today (Friday) we arrived at Cheltenham Racecourse for Greenbelt. This year we were organised better. We came away on Monday for a few days holiday in the Cotswolds first, so today we only had a 30 minute drive. Hence, we got on the campsite much earlier.

We are part of a 30+ group of old friends, family and a large group from our circuit – more than 10 tents, 1 caravan (yes that is us living in luxury again) and a motorcaravan. So it was handy to be here early to keep enough space for everyone.

Lots of improvements again at Greenbelt. Here are some we have noticed so far:

  • drainage for the taps on the camping field. Should reduce the mud a lot.
  • better layout of festival, more venues and more space between
  • more camping space
  • wider paths between the different festival areas
  • better traffic management
  • less intrusive but still effective fire wardens (with good sense of humour)

Just one negative. If you have 11 or 12 year old children then while they are welcome at the youth events and free to come and go  they have the same colour armbands as the 4 to 10 year olds. We have experienced over this some confusion with stewards, they are rightly watching out for younger children who are lost or who have been inappropriately left to wander alone. Anyway we have talked with a youth event manager and the head of Greenbelt Child Protection about the confusion experienced. They were helpful, kind, friendly and very professional in their response.

Managed a couple of talks this evening. A excellent speaker Dilwar Hussein on "Can you be British and a Muslim", pity there were not more people there. Also Dave Tomlinson on "Church without borders" good stuff if not very new or challenging (at least in terms of where I would want to be – getting there is a different matter).

Bumped into lots of friends. So hi to John & Mary, my cousin Mark & Rosemary, Pete & Catherine (only texted meeting so far), Kevin (hoping to see Mimo, Peter & Mpalo later) also to Anna who is not on the Methodist stand but on the stand. Lots of others who I know are here and will see later.

If you are at Greenbelt leave a message and I will happily pass you my mobile number to arrange to meetings.

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