How to move forward?

So I was thinking about the news particularly from Somalia and Norway but also of Amy Winehouse.

Seems to me the answers can only come from a combination (in any order) of

  • truth
  • justice
  • recoincilation
  • love
  • forgiveness
  • mercy
  • compassion

When it comes to the how and where we can find this in our hurting, broken world I have only one idea. Jesus.

But that will require us to search for, find and understand in radically different ways to the ones we so often tried and experienced in the past.

When faced with the horrors of the past few days what have we to lose? We see that the current ways are not working. Seems like it might be time to try something different, something radically different.

How different can we dare to think God wants us to be?

How different can we dare to allow God to re-make us?

How different can we dare to think God is working for through his Holy Spirit right now?

Meanwhile let us hold the people of Somalia & Norway in our prayers along with the family & friends of Amy Winehouse and all others who mourn loved ones today.

8 thoughts on “How to move forward?

  1. Hannah

    This very much fits in with the theme of the sermon at my church today (which was actually about Deborah, funnily enough) :) Food for thought indeed!

  2. Nixon is Lord

    Religion is so boring, though. The music is boring, the sermons are boring (and I can get political preachments from Fox News or NPR for free, thank you) the people are middle class middle aged and middle browed. Your median age is over 55 and rising and I don’t see what’s in it for me.

  3. Gavin

    Dave, Following your link to CT where Plato is noted I found it interesting note the following sentence.
    “If we judged any segment of society by its worst examples, who could stand? Nevertheless, to legislate against the bad uses in a way that prevents valid uses is itself an abuse”
    A thought provoking insight to dealing with extremes ?

  4. John

    Hi, I am from Australia.
    But does “Jesus” or Christian-ISM provide any real answers or method?
    I would argue that these two phenomenon, and the contents of the daily “news” are just the inevitable signs of the times, or the universal insanity that now patterns the entire world.
    A universal insanity which is in large part generated by our “religious” inheritance – or the applied politics of Christian-ism as depicted in these references.


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