6 thoughts on “If you can’t abuse a child, ordain a woman instead

  1. Adrian Warnock

    For once I TOTALLY agree. It is ridiculous for them to claim that ordaining a woman is as sinful as child abuse! I hope you know that even this evil mysogynist (in your eyes) would NOT make this crazy jump!

  2. Dave

    I know how much people like to paint me as the Adrian Warnock hater, however, I did do a quick check with google.
    I can confirm that I have never called you a misogynist nor even a mysogynist :-) (at least on 42, obviously a bit harder to check your comment archive).
    Possibly the nearest was in a comment back in 2007 when I wrote:
    “My dictionary defines a misogynist as a women hater. I am sure you do not consider yourself that. But you continually deny the ministry of many of my valued colleagues and superiors (and you deny it to all women in your tradition) – what label should be used for that?”
    I never got an answer.
    What would you expect New Frontiers to do if a member Church decided to appoint women as elders and as le4ad pastor?

  3. Adrian Warnock

    Dave. No one in Newfrontiers thinks we are the only Christians in the world. I am fairly sure that such a church would part company with the family but I trust in a godly and gracious manner wishing them well. It is not easy to be in one network with people who think differently on this issue as one or both would end up having to act against their convictions. I do not believe in organisational unity for the sake of it. I actually enjoy our dialogue, if nothing else it helps me understand how people like me come across to those who disagree.


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