In the Spirit of the Covenant

This (In the Spirit of the Covenant) is a word (.doc) file containing the Joint Implementation Commission report on the Anglican Methodist
Covenant that is going to this year’s Methodist Conference. Thanks to the Methodist RSS feed.

Methodist Church welcomes Covenant report 27 June 2005

It is over 120 pages long but has some important items regarding interchangability of ministry and about Holy Communion practice as well as some more general aspects of how the covenent is progressing.

There are some good suggestions (at least in my opinion) for how practice at Holy Communion can be moved towards consistancy without needing to change any rules.

it does highlight a difference I have come across in my course that is felt more by Methodists than Anglicans. That is Methodists offer an interchangeable ministry to the Church of England whereas the Church of England offers a shared ministry to the Methodist Church. A quick read suggests the key differences related to presidency at the Eucharist in the others churches and to pastoral oversight.

It looks as if this commission believes that the issues over episcopacy are moving forward, key will be what happens about Women Bishops in the COE this July and the Methodist Conference decisions about Episcopacy (there are some papers in the major agenda items that I have not had time to read).

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