It is official. I don’t exist

Adrian Warnock writes Was Spurgeon an Arminocalvinist?.

I am more and more convinced that there are many godly Arminians out there that we Reformed people would do well to listen to more than we do. I am not talking about liberals who throw the Bible out, but those who might have come to different views from us on all kinds of things, but love the authority of Scripture. I might disagree with them but if they love the God of the Bible why would I not want to listen to them from time to time? But is it just me, or are there very few Arminians on the web?

There are a few key reasons why there are very few Arminians on the web for Adrian to discover are:

  1. Many Armininians on the web are women and more than that they are women in authority in the Church. According to the modern "reformed" tradition they should not exist. Therefore Adrian can't find them.
  2. Many Armininans on the web are thoughtful people who challenge the view Adrian has that Penal substitution is the only way to understand the cross. If you disagree with Adrian on this then in his view you do not "love the authority of Scripture" and so he is unable to find you.
  3. Many Arminians on the web reject the modern claims to the inerrancy of Scripture that Adrian requires for you to "love the authority of Scripture". Hence, he is unable to find you.
  4. Some Arminians will challenge simplistic definitions of many things including what is required to be a Christian and a Christian Evangelical, in their struggle to not support the redefinition of terms so that historical figures are suddenly redefined out of Christianity they become invisible to "reformed" people like Adrian.
  5. Some Armininans are offended by Adrian's heroes who teach women that the the Bible says they must give their husbands oral sex in order to save them (see 42: More on Driscoll and Sex from 2007). Google no longer indexes bloggers who don't share Adrian's love for extremist Male Headership teachers and so he can't find them.

In short we do exist but Adrian insists on covering us with an invisibility cloak :-)

2 thoughts on “It is official. I don’t exist

  1. Scottcheatham

    Interesting thoughts. I’m Arminian (Free Will Baptist) but have always considered myself a conservative. I don’t get involved too much in the conversation since I believe Calvinism has its truth as well and both Calvin and Arminius are laughing at the debate we sometimes get into.
    Hello my brother from Denver, Colorado..I read but don’t always get to post!

  2. Dave

    Hi Scott,
    I would agree there is neither complete truth nor lack of truth on both sides.
    My point was that it is not because of Arminianism that Adrian thinks that no Armininians exist on the web but because he holds so many views that reject lots of Christians.


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