Lessons in rubbing salt in wounds from New Frontiers

Terry Virgo, the founder and leader of New Frontiers, is busy rubbing salt into the wounds of female inequality in some video clips on their core values.

Their 7th core value is 7b. On male servant leadership and joyful female submission:

‘A church where Biblical family life is highly valued, where husband and wife embrace male servant leadership and joyful female submission, where godly parenting is taught and practised and where the special value of singleness and its unique opportunities are affirmed.’

To properly rub salt into the wound of female inequality they have recorded for the video a woman reading the value that states her need to joyfully submit.

Of course they also have a woman confirming that the inequality is not just in the home by also having her read value 8:

‘A church led by male elders (one of whom is clearly understood to be gifted to be lead elder) who are ordained by the Holy Spirit, recognised and confirmed through apostolic ministry. These men are to be helped in fulfilling their calling through ongoing fellowship with trans-local ministries.’

Also note that today New Frontiers have a training conference (for men) called 300leaders.org, they very kindly illustrate their understanding of leadership with this image:

In a bizarre contradiction the speaker today is Jack Hayford. I say bizarre contradiction because in this video clip you can see Jack Hayford standing in front of banners of the above image – the contradiction is that Jack Hayford was the leader of the Foursquare group of Churches that was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson the evangelist & Church planter. On the Foursquare website it says this:

The 20th-century evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson was a woman ahead of her time. She crossed the United States with two young children in an era when women were not even able to vote. Our beloved founder established an evangelistic ministry and built a large evangelistic center at a time when women were expected to marry and have children, and leave religion and other important pursuits to men. But God had a plan for her life that did not take into account human ways of doing things.

Sister McPherson became an evangelist and preached the gospel not only across the entire United States but also around the world, incorporating the cutting edge communications media of her day. People were healed by the thousands when she prayed for them, even though she herself took no credit for the healings, instead giving full credit to God.

Upon opening the doors of Angelus Temple in Los Angeles in 1923, she developed an extensive social ministry, feeding more than 1.5 million people during the Great Depression. She summarized her message into four major points, which she called “the Foursquare Gospel”: Jesus is the Savior, Jesus is the Healer, Jesus is the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is the Soon-Coming King. She founded The International Church of The Foursquare Gospel, also known as The Foursquare Church, which continues to spread the Foursquare Gospel throughout the world to this day.

So today men will be looking at this horrible image, knowing that only men can be leaders in New Frontiers and women must submit to men, while listening to the former leader of a Church founded by a woman. Bizarre isn't it!

Earlier in the week I send this tweet (retweeted by about 17 people):

Tempted to suggest that women from all over the church sign up to the New Frontiers conference http://300leaders.org & enjoy their reaction

It will need to be a brave woman who does enter this testosterone fiilled conference, unless it is to read texts about how she will be submitting to men for more of their videos.

8 thoughts on “Lessons in rubbing salt in wounds from New Frontiers

  1. PamBG

    Blech. Makes me want to scream and throw up.
    I also like the way they closed the comments. New Frontiers doesn’t seem to like people disagreeing with them, do they?

  2. sporado

    * terry virgo was the speaker on 11 june. jack hayford spoke a month or so ago and the video is online.
    * women are welcome to these events as are men. pause the jack hayford video at 1:07:18 and you will see plenty of people who are definitely female. hardly the testosterone fuelled man-fest that your rhetoric suggests.
    many of your slanderous opinions about new frontiers are way off the mark. is such uninformed rhetoric adherent to the Methodist code of conduct?

  3. Alan Molineaux

    Dear Sporado
    I fail to see how anyone can defend Newfrontiers against accusations of being male focussed when it comes to leadership. 
    I attended one of their conferences a few years ago and heard Wayne Grudem speak on the subject. Terry spoke afterwards and hailed it as excellent bible teaching. 
    I was amazed because it was so very poor. 
    The final straw came when he answered the question ‘How do you view women who write books if you believe they should not teach?’
    An interesting question given the writings of Wendy Virgo. 
    His answer was ‘When it comes to reading a book written by a woman I prefer to see it as just having a chat over coffee’. 

  4. Rhea Flanery

    Dave, do you know if Jack Hayford is no longer associated with the Foursquare Church. Maybe he’s speaking at the NF conference because he has seen the ‘error of his ways’ and now believes in a male-only headship.

  5. Dave

    I have not seen anything about Jack Hayford not being associated with Foursquare other than being retired. I think members of his family have followed him into ministry but don’t know in which church.

  6. Dave


    An interesting question given the writings of Wendy Virgo. 
    His answer was ‘When it comes to reading a book written by a woman I prefer to see it as just having a chat over coffee’. 

    Disgusting, pathetic and cowardly


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