Mark Driscoll: If you don’t believe in hell, you’re going there « Are Women Human?

Oh how I wish this wasn't needed. However, there is a fairly new blog called "Are Women Human". The posts have generally been excellent and do a good job of pointing out the impact of "complementarian" thinking.

The latest post is a little different: Mark Driscoll: If you don’t believe in hell, you’re going there « Are Women Human? However, it is very valid and helpful in pointing out the lack of Biblical basis in the manipulative teaching of this darling of the New Frontiers world.

6 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll: If you don’t believe in hell, you’re going there « Are Women Human?

  1. Rachel

    Re: Driscoll’s sermon. Actually, I felt I was rather brave in preaching from the pulpit this morning that my own view (which I recognised differed from many other Christians) is that the door does NOT slam shut when you die, but that everyone has a chance to meet God face to face. If they then condemn themselves to eternal separation from God (which they may do, and which their previous lifestyles and priorities may well prompt them to do) then that’s their choice.
    And yes, I worry if I’m being a heretic, but when I read Mark Driscoll’s preaching I worry less :o)

  2. Sarah

    So glad to find this blog and discussion. Currently doing a bible study with probably all this guys relatives….totally in the minority in my views, which resemble Rachels, but are viewed here as Satanic!

  3. Rachel

    Sarah: that’s a tough place to be. I feel for you (and pray for you). Even though it’s another story about some people being condemned to eternal punishment, I find the story of the sheep and the goats very helpful. After all, if you were only to quote that scripture, it would lead to a doctrine of salvation by works, and do a real mix up of who’s “in” and who’s “out” – certainly clearing the way for many followers of other faiths and none. So if I feel that scripture is being used as a battery ram against me(as opposed to respectful dialogue which I welcome), I can at least remember that the Bible gives a far from consistent picture on judgement and our eternal destiny.

  4. Dave

    Grace, you are doing a good job in a difficult place. Fortunately for us the UK is very different although by no means perfect and still a long way to go to gain equal rights for all people.
    For example my “boss” (in UK Methodist speak: My Superintendent Minister) happens to be female. Don’t tell her but she is actually an excellent superintendent minister although a bit of a workaholic (fortunately she is more gentle on her colleagues than herself). She does comment around here sometimes but I try to protect her from all the complaints she would get about me if she were “outed” too obviously :-)
    This year Methodist Church in Great Britain has a good balance of women serving at the national level with President (Alison Tomlin), Vice President (Eunice Attwood) and Youth President (Christy-Anna Errington). We have not had all three positions held by women at the same time before (but the Youth President is quite a new position). Both Vice President and President have been women at least once before.
    I want to encourage you in the good work you are already doing and encourage in the challenges you face.


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