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Christians in Thrapston have engaged with Hope 08 more than anywhere else I know of. Tonight (Tuesday) we had another open meeting to worship together, share what has happened and look to the future.

This was the 4th meeting of this type in 12 months and the numbers were up a bit on the last meeting in the summer (over 40 and some entirely new faces which was great). Wonderful to see that people are getting more enthusiastic as time goes on. Given the large number of projects completed so far (over a dozen) I was a little worried we would see fatique setting in, but instead people are signing up earlier for projects and tonight people were sharing dreams for 2010!

Tonight we had a talk from Camille, the Northamptonshire rep for Hope UK. That got a very positive response and I know quite a few people have expressed interest in getting involved in drug awareness and promoting drug (includes smoking and alcohol) free lifestyles.

We then had a time of thanksgiving focusing on 4 events from this summer with different people praying while we had a slide show of pictures from the events. Tonight we thanked God for:

  • The Hope 08 involvement with the Thrapston Charter Fair. We have had an amazing amount of positive feedback from the public as well as the organisers and stall holders.
  • Thrapston Praise in the Park this was a first and was considered a great success, it will be back in 2009 (and we are told in 2010). A great way to recover from the Charter Fair by praising God in the Peace Park.
  • Holiday Kids Club, over 100 kids for a week. A huge success with new people involved. Apparently the kids are still talking about it at school.
  • Holiday at home, another new venture. Four days for the more elderly in the community with many different activities (from gentle exercise to visiting choirs, to crafts, visits from the community police, films, …). So popular that people wanted to book again for next year before this year’s event had finished.

We then looked forward with a variety of people talking about projects coming up in the near future. One of the exciting things is how quickly projects move from dream to reality with relatively independant teans just getting on with things. So even though I have been invloved in several projects there is always stuff to learn about what is about to happen.

This is what is planned for the rest of 2008 by Hope 08 in Thrapston

  • Light Party at Halloween (31 Oct). A fun packed party for kids to give an alternative to "trick or treating", guaranteed ghost and gould free.
  • CAP Money Course. Our first course will be November 12th, 19th and 26th in the lounge at Thrapston Baptist Church, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. I think we already have about 14 signed up, but have space for a few more and we will run more courses in the new year. We will be looking for a non-church venue for future courses. See 42: Helping during the Credit Crunch & 42: Money Management.
  • Operation Christmas Child is well under way with a target of well over 300 shoeboxes full of presents for children who would otherwise not receive anything this Christmas.
  • Tough Talk are coming to Thrapston on November 22nd, tickets are available.
  • 24×7 Prayer week. Starting 3pm Saturday 29th November and running until 3pm Saturday 6th December at St James. Another first for Thrapston and something I am very excited about as the 24×7 prayers we have had in Raunds have been amazing. I have blogged about them a fair bit 42: 24×7 prayer – Google Search. We already have volunteers for 4am and 5am each day and lots of groups wanting to provide a wide variety of prayer opportunities besides individual prayer.
  • Outdoor nativity play. To provide a proper end to the 24×7 prayer week at 2:30pm on Saturday 6th December there will be a nativity around St James (some inside and some outside) which will end with a procession to sing carols around the towen Christmas Tree when the lights will be switched on (and may even work this year). The Town Council are then putting on refreshments in the Plaza.
  • There will be a Senior Alpha Cousre being run at Home Court Flats starting Monday November 3rd. From 5pm til 7pm.
  • Holiday at Home Christmas Party, for the impatient among the older members of the community who can’t wait til next summer’s Holiday at Home there will be a Christmas Party (date to be confirmed)

Of course that is in addition to the on-going projects, such as:

  • Space2B now at St James every Saturday from 12 til 2 – an opportunity for quiet, a chat & prayer
  • Town Prayers 12.30-1.30pm every Tuesday at Thrapston baptist Church

Wow there is so much happening it takes ages just to type a list of it all.

I have deliberately not included contact details as I don’t have permission to plaster them over the internet but if you leave a comment I will respond by email.

4 thoughts on “More Hope in Thrapston

  1. Olive Morgan

    i thought you might like to know that i have just used your mention of A Holiday at Home to suggest waht we should do in August next year as part of our centenary celebrations. Our centenary committee have planned an impressive programme with a ‘big wig’ preacher and/or a special event for every month except August. Normally, August is a very quiet month and some of our elderly folk were upset that there were no evening services for 6 weeks. So my suggestion may not work. However, I wondered if you could give me more details of the four days’ programme, please, with times of day, etc., so that I can demonstrate that it is a viable suggestion? I will be grateful.

  2. Dave Warnock

    I’ll check with Jean who organised and ran it (I was on holiday at the time). I know they had a local choir in, some exercise stuff, the community police. I think they watched “White Christmas”. Anyway I’ll get the full list.


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