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Some short quotes, the posts are all worth reading.

maggi dawn: An Unequal Blessing.

focusing on a "bless ME" kind of Christianity particularly sticks in the throat in a month where two massive natural disasters have left hundreds of communities bereaved and materially devastated.

An Unequal Blessing « A Deconstructed Christian.

could a just God who cares equally for every person in the world expend
gold dust, supernatural gemstones, gold fillings and spiritual laughter
experiences on those who are in the top 1% in the world wealth stakes
and ignore the malnourished, the poverty-stricken, the widows, the

It just doesn’t make sense.

The Simple Pastor: Revival or Jesus?.

thing is, if we really DO believe in the omnipresence of God, then He
is just as much here as He is there. The difference is not with Him
it’s with me.

On the other hand, Peter Kirk now has first hand experience: Gentle Wisdom » A visit to the Dudley outpouring.

Of course it was
bound to take a long time to anoint over a thousand people. How they
handled it was to line people up across the front of the hall facing
the stage, with space behind them. Trevor walked across the line
touching each forehead briefly with the cloth; I reckon he was taking
less than two seconds per person. At the touch most people fell over,
and were caught by “catchers” and lay on the floor- but only briefly.
For, as Trevor had warned would happen, after only about five seconds
each person was encouraged by the catcher to stand up immediately and
move away, so that a new line could be ready as soon as Trevor finished
the old one. It was a bit like serving communion at my church, but


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3 thoughts on “More on Todd Bentley

  1. Sally

    interesting links Dave- I am almost speechless, it is easy to critisise, and like Maggi I find my response sticks in my throat… and yet who am I to limit God?
    I prefer to look at the fruit of such meetings rather than the froth- does something substantial remain- I guess only time will tell!


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