More Resurrection News

As I mentioned in my tweet earlier today I spent the morning at Irthlingborough Infant School talking to three year 2 classes about how Christians celebrate Easter.

Following on from 42: Resurrection, Brownies and Methodism and Adrian Warnock’s challenge to stress the resurrection I am pleased to report that the kids in Irthlingborough were were very confident and sure of the resurrection. 

We had a great time together which included some foot washing, discussions on exactly how like blood does communion wine look and offers to cut off their ears.

They were all absolutely sure about Jesus dying on a cross (although the phrase “hung on a cross” that some of them had heard before had confused them a bit. I got good questions about why Jesus died on a cross and what it meant.

When it came to Easter Sunday they were absolutely sure that the tomb was empty and why. Lovely to hear.

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