Pierced for our Transgressions

Yesterday while in Cambridge I went into SPCK and picked up a copy of "Pierced for our Transgressions: Rediscovering the glory of penal substitution" by Steve Jeffery, Mike Ovey and Andrew Sach, forward by John Piper.

In the past I have criticised the likes of Adrian for not reading books with a different perspective to their own. So I am taking my own medicine and am reading "Pierced for our Transgressions", I challenge Adrian to make his series on atonement rather more rounded by reading books such as "Consuming Passion: Why the killing of Jesus really matters" (Ed Simon Barrow & Jonathan Bartley) and "The nonviolent atonement" by J Denny Weaver.

I am making no promises about how much I am going to blog about this book. However, I definitely have a post on the forward by John Piper in the works. I’ll include PFOT in the titles of the posts and have created a category for them.

See you later.

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