Progress at Whitechapel

Just back from cooking breakfast at the Whitechapel Mission for people who are homeless in London. It is good to go and see old friends, some of whom I have known for over seven years now. I do believe that my skills in frying eggs have improved over that time :-)

It is also good to see the improvements that keep being made. We were there only a month ago and yet there have already been a number of improvements make to the facilities, all to provide a better service to those who come. Today there were some new frying pans, better signs for slippery floors, …

Just makes me wonder what improvements have happened at your church in the last month, last year etc.

2 thoughts on “Progress at Whitechapel

  1. Olive Morgan

    We have changed the front entrance of our church by substituting a glass-fronted door with elegant new steps and a ramp to give access for the disabled who are in wheelchairs and for the group of paraplegics who are brought to our morning services each week. The new long railing at the side of the ramp provides us with space for a large, frequenty-changed banner by which we advertise our services and events to travellers on this very busy road to Oxford. Inside the new front door we have installed a disabled toilet and cupboard space for all the hymnbooks, ets., so that the church vestibule is much larger and more welcoming.
    The other vestibule – to the side entrance that serves both church and hall – has also been upgraded to provide a lighter, bigger and more welcoming space. In both vestibules we have now added large 6 foot wire stands that display our church Newsletters, weekly Notice leaflets, prayer guidelines and many other free leaflets to keep people informed of our life and work in this church and neighbourhood.


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