Responding to Freedom

There have been a lot of negative reactions in the media (and in many other places too, for example in comments on Richards blog) to the freedom of the CPT hostages along the lines of:

  • CPT are not grateful enough to their rescuers
  • Stupid peacemakes need to be rescued by the military
  • Torture works, that is why they are now free

Anyway, four articles that seem to make a lot more sense than most in this debate are:

Also very relevant is Faithful Progressive: Christians for Torture?.

2 thoughts on “Responding to Freedom

  1. John

    The official opposition of the CPT to armed rescue raises the question about whether it was even ethical of coalition forces to use force to liberate the CPT hostages. Perhaps it would have been better to respect their wishes.

  2. Bene D

    Yeah, those are some of the kinder slurs I’ve seen.
    There is an amazing iqnorance and misunderstanding of anabaptist/mennonite/quaker belief and practice. I know very little – I was surprised at how willing people are to comment without knowing basic facts of events, let alone the reasons for CPT being where they are.


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