Singing Ringstead

This weekend is the Ringstead Shared Church Music Festival (and Church Anniversary). It started yesterday with Rosemary leading some Iona style worship for the Tursday Afternoon meeting.

Today was big on singing. We brought in Alison Adam all the way from London. Alison has been a part of the Iona Community for many years although now working free-lance from London.

Alison, Rosemary and Bob spent the day at Ringstead School, I joined them for the closing "assembly" (parents were invited to come and hear what the kids had been doing during the day). They had been round to every class teaching a range of songs (some from Fischy Music) and all came together for a sing (with lots of actions). Lots of enthusiastic kids enjoying themselves (and leaving wanting more). I really recommend Churches looking at partnering in this way with local schools. If we as a small village chapel can do this so can anyone.

This evening Alison led an Iona Big Sing, those who know me at all will be relieved I was there to run the bookstall rather than sing! Horrible night weather wise so numbers a bit down, but we had a great time learning a whole load of new songs. Some wonderful new songs that I will be introducing around the circuit with very powerful words on themes such as justice, healing, creation as well as some excellent lenten themes and world music (is that the right term for songs from various parts of Africa as well as El Salvador and Taize).

Tomorrow evening we have a concert by a folk band called Grace Notes (tickets still available on the door).

Sunday afternoon we have "Music for a Winters Afternoon" by our talented chapel musicians, then a tea which is followed by Cafe Style worship led by me.

So a pretty busy time in Ringstead. Slightly more so for me as we have a working party at Raunds on Saturday morning and a parade service on Sunday morning (Mothering Sunday).

2 thoughts on “Singing Ringstead

  1. Will

    Alison Adam is fantastic! I wish I could have been there for the Iona Big Sing. I sat in on her World Music workshop at the Heart of Worship conference last May and it was the best workshop of the lot. She has the amazing ability to make anyone feel like they can sing and lead singing.


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