The Bible as augmented or reduced reality

Contrast this approach to the Bible:

Augmented Reality describes a layer of digital information superimposed upon a picture of the real world, often seen nowadays in sci-fi movies, on smart-phone apps. Reality is augmented, made more understandable and richer by adding a digital layer to it.  This talk explores that concept as a possible metaphor for the role of the Bible in the life of Christians. Can the Bible act as an augmented reality layer for as we see to live authentically biblical lives in a digital world? From postmodernbible: Pete Phillips on the Bible as Augmented Reality #opensource11 #codec.

To the approach that I detail in 42: Lessons in rubbing salt in wounds from New Frontiers in that approach the Bible will be used to reduce your reality, particularly if you are a woman. The Bible will reduce you from an equal to someone who has to submit and is not permitted to lead. Oh and it is no picnic for the men, they have to take testosterone boosters and always take the lead and dominate – something less than wholeness for us too.

So we choose between a Bible that builds us up and makes us more than we were (augments our reality) or one that tears us down (reduced reality).

H'mm difficult choice :-)


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