The hidden advantage of Church over Business

I was thinking while washing up after writing 42: Starfish and the Methodist Church.


There is a huge hidden advantage that Church has over business when it comes to new technology; new ways of working, new ways of collaborating, well new ways of pretty much anything really.

It is a hidden advantage because we often don't notice it or realise it is there.

The advantage is that we don't have to figure out how to make money from it.

What a pity that we don't take this seriously or even realise that it is the case.

We don't have to figure out how to make money from podcasts because we want to build the Kingdom of God not make money. We don't have to figure out how to make money from youtube video's, from blogs, from twitter, from wiki's, from skype, from anything else because

  • The Church does not exist to make money
  • The Church is not about anything that costs money, the things we want can't be bought, so why worry about money.

We really should see this as good news. The hard bit with new technology is working out how to make money from it and we don't have to do that at all. In fact we are probably better off if it is impossible to make money as then we are less likely to be tempted to forget our mission, our purpose, our very being none of which has anything to do with money.

So what can we use today that won't make us any money but which can build the Kingdom of God, that can allow us to participate in God's Mission?

3 thoughts on “The hidden advantage of Church over Business

  1. Graham

    You are so right- thanks for that. That is encouraging. Next time in a church council/ecumenical meeting I get the phrases:-
    (1) ‘we are not getting any younger you know’
    (2) ‘but what about the regulars?’
    (3) ‘we can’t afford to do it: the organ needs a new coat of varnish’
    …I may just quote you!

  2. Peter Kirk

    Good point, but I think it is balanced by an equal and opposite disadvantage: unlike businesses, we aren’t prepared to pay what it costs for the resources, for the things we need to do our job which have to be bought. Some things we can do for free, and this is where blogging, YouTube and open source software is great. But professional solutions usually cost money, so we inevitably look amateurish. Sadly many in this world see this and look away.

  3. Dave

    Graham, thanks but what you quote me don’t forget that it won’t impress them. I predict a chorus of “Dave who says what!”
    Peter, Yes and no. I think the new decentralised organisations that are growing and using the internet do not use professional in the same expensive way of old. Instead it is about involvement, participation, tribe etc.
    Plus the power and flexibility of free software just keeps growing.
    I only have legal software on our machines and in the last 4 years the only software I have bought has been Norton Anti Virus and a register fixer upper for Windows.


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