The Purpose of Existence

Sam is going deep: Elizaphanian: The Purpose of Existence. From the introduction:

I have been fairly criticised for not saying enough positive things
about what I DO believe, as opposed to pointing out things that I DON’T
believe. I think there is a real need for the latter, as so often
Christianity is misrepresented or misunderstood, including by (perhaps
especially by) Christians themselves, but it can become irritating on
its own. So here is, hopefully, a more positive line of thought.

Then 15 points. I particularly love the first and last points.

1. Christianity begins with Jesus, and a response to him. It means
accepting his vision as determinative, and his authority as absolute.
The gospel is: "Jesus is Lord", the rest is detail.

15. It’s all about Jesus, and it remains all about Jesus, and it is more relevant than ever.

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