The best way to respond

[Disclaimer] I have not watched anything of these Winter Olympics.

However, it seems to me that the responses we see Lindsey make in – Women’s Snowboard Cross – Snowboard culture shares blame with Lindsey are a great example of how we should respond to the issues I raised in 42: ongoing: Blasphemy.

When the reporters (and according to them all Americans over 40) come at her aggressively with an agenda very different to her own she seems to have responded very well indeed.

Just like the problem fringes that we are discussing in the other thread, they show their own failure to understand and come out looking out of touch, childish and petulant. It seems to me that Lindsey captured the Olympic ethos far better than the likes of Rick Morrissey:

Rick Morrissey, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, spoke for the 40-and-over crowd.

probably would be a good thing if somebody explained to the
snowboarders that once they decided to sit at the adults’ table, they
made the tacit agreement to play to win," he wrote. "They made the
decision to act like Olympians, which now means to act professional."

When we face problems with a lunatic fringe or attacks because of them I hope we will also not forget what it is all about and respond with as much grace as Lindsey.

Thanks to bikevoice: Silver Style via Planet Cycling.

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