The Church of the Girly-Man, Ya!

I don’t get it: JOLLYBLOGGER: The Church of the Girly-Man, Ya!.

It seems to me that there is a thing going on that starts with a goal (attracting American men to Church) and then interprets scripture to support it.

In my own naive way it seems that trying to create a gospel that appeals to a particular group in society is getting things backwards.

Neither the churches that Jollyblogger criticizes, nor some kind of male authority/testosterone based cult sound very like the sort of churches based on the gospel that I find in scripture. Lets get real about Jesus, this is no way to do it.

One thought on “The Church of the Girly-Man, Ya!

  1. Pam

    It seems to me that a lot of men are expressing alientation from the church and, as a woman, I feel that I have to take that issue seriously.
    When I read blogs and discussion groups, though, I get the feeling that the issue is a lot more complicated than simply a “male / female” thing.
    For a start, I hear a lot of men saying that they want more theological content in church. That’s something I’ve been saying for over ten years. (And it increased peoples’ worries about me potentially being a “fundamentalist” when I was applying for foundation training and candidating!) When some male posters take this idea into the “complementaian” realm and start implying that women don’t care about theology and thinking and only want to “feel good”, I get annoyed. Most sensible men don’t do this, of course, but I’m often shocked when people do!
    The other area, I think, is tricky. And it makes me feel a bit like saying “the Emperor has no clothes”. This tricky bit is that I sometimes hear some men saying that they want Christianity to approve of righteous aggression, just retribution and just war. And that’s where I feel I have to say that this is simply not what I think “real Christianity” is about. To me, that is a bastardisation of Christianity into civil religion where “our” religion supports “our” nation and opposes the evil other. To the extent that we have the stereotypes in our heads that aggression is masculine and peace is feminine, then “real Christianity” has to be “feminine”, in my opinion.
    I don’t really like the gender-labels and would rather just get rid of them altogether. I think aggression is just one expression of our sinful nature and women, of course, are sinful too. We may display our aggression in different ways from men according to what society finds “acceptable”, but I don’t for one minute believe we are more “peaceful” then men. Maybe it’s because I know myself!
    I think there is some coherency in there and I hope I managed to communicate it!


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