The Occupational Adventure (sm): The perfectionist definition of “good enough”

This The Occupational Adventure (sm): The perfectionist definition of "good enough" is interesting and amusing with traps I can easily fall into. However, I find the Christian faith and being part of a worshipping community is by far the best antidote. In worship preparation

we often use the acronym ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication) to ensure that we cover the prayer ground during a service.

I find that taking these types of prayer together into other situations really helps gain perspective and release you to moving forward. While much is often said about the tyranny of religion not enough notice is taken of the way it helps us. This kind of focus and relationship with God is far different from the inner peace that meditation alone can bring. It is also so much more real than any new age eclectic combination of mis-matched, randomly chosen, individualistic and self centred beliefs.

The focus beyond ourselves onto a God who loves us, has already acted for us and who is reaching out to us all the time changes everything.

It would be interesting to review the understanding of what a perfectiontist is in the light of the theology of Christian Perfection, dear to Methodism, developed by John Wesley from Philippians 3 versions 12 to 14. I wonder how helpful this would be for perfectionists stuck in the "can’t be satisifed" mode or "won”t start through fear of failure" mode. I suspect that it will be just the ticket for many.

Just to illustrate the point, while writing this my mind started moving in perfectionist mode thinking in terms of perfecting the presentation of Christianity towards people, recognising that all are individuals so that the same approach is not right for all. Such thinking will paralyse me (not to mention be irritating and condescending to others). But then a few moments of reflection remind me of events such as those in Acts 2 where God is able to speak individually to thousands of people, in many languages, through a simple fisherman. A search for Christian Perfection is a search for God, not a search to make ourselves or our abilities God. Paul said it well in 2 Corinthians 12 verse 10 when he realised that it is in our weakness given to God that we become strong. A search for personal perfection can thus lead us away from God by attempting to make us strong on our own.

If you are reading this, then it would appear that I have overcome my search for perfection it in’s writing and been able post it ;-) Or maybe I keep going back to "improve" it ;-)

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