Thrapston Hope 09

I have written about the wonders and excitement of Hope 08 in Thrapston before and the many events that took place. Well now it is all getting underway for Hope 09.

Two things in particular that I want to share now.

Firstly, on Shrove Tuesday (24th February) from 7:30pm at Thrapston Methodist Church (Market Road, opposite the car park for the catlle market) we are having one of our open Hope update and planning meetings (this time with pancakes). So come along to hear updates on what has already happened, find out what is already planned, add your own thoughts and get involved with all the things that excite you. Everyone is welcome.

Secondly, in another example of how Hope 08 has brought Christians Together a whole buch of us met last Thursday for a Chilli supper at June D's, I think there were about 12 of us, representing all the churches. Basically everyone who had been involved in the prayer week before Christmas was invited and a great time was had by all (great food – thanks June & family). Not only did we enjoy each others company and sharing our experiences of the prayer week we also got busy on what comes next. The fruits of that will be available at the meeting on Shrove Tuesday (see above), but I for one found it very very exciting.

As many people who hear me preach will testify, I can't count, especially I can't count how many points I am going to make.

So here is another one. On the first Tuesday in March and continuing on the first Tuesday of every month Aboda starts at the Nene Centre, Thrapston from 8pm to 10pm. Many more details to follow, but Aboda is a Fresh Expression of Church for people in their 20's and 30's using a contemporary and accessible style. The Nene Centre is where the town swimming pool & gym are and it is very busy at that time of night.

Finally, (I told you I could not count) there is an exciting Lent Course for Thrapston. All the Churches are fully involved. These year the theme is God's Big Picture. The five meetings are in Thrapston Baptist Church lounge at 7:30pm on each Thursday in Lent (not Maundy Thursday).

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