Thrapston Praise in the Park

Today (Sunday 29th June) was yet another Hope08 event in Thraston.

This time "Praise in the Park". We had a big lorry trailer for the band and PA, despite a very short set-up time they managed to get a good sound out (so thanks to Raunds Methodist Church for the loan of the PA, and to Peter W for sorting out all the bits we needed).

In the excitable words of Lindsey (writing to the team who organised this for us):

WONDERFUL WORSHIP, it was all I hoped for, and more, much more. Thanks for
all your hours of hard work. What a wonderful climax to a fantastic
weekend. Great to see so many people [church and non church]. Cant wait
for next year. Reports of it from all over town, beautiful. God was really
with us this weekend. Please pass on to band members our thanks, they
were great. The
greatest thing to me, personally [after, of course, worshipping God] is all
the churches working as one, long may it continue, we work well
together for God and Thrapston. Thanks again,its great being part of a
great team


GOD bless each of you, you are very special people


love Lindsey.

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