Three new blogs (for me) with top posts and some thoughts.

Jim Johnson set me an email suggesting I might consider linking to his blog Straight, Not Narrow. In looking at this I have found three new blogs for me.

So yes, I have added Jim to my blogroll and will be reading  Straight, Not Narrow in the future. Anyway some posts from Jim that I found interesting and something of a wake-up were:

From these posts I have found two other blogs that are now also on my blogroll.

First Living in the Kingdom where a post The Fat Ones is a must read. Also others such as:

Second (but not least) Ware Farms with a selection of posts such as:

Of course I do not agree with everyone on everything, one thing I did notice though after following a link to the Church that Jim is a member of. That was on their home page which included a set of definitions of key words. I am quite unhappy with this:

gift from God through the shed blood of Jesus, to ALL who believe.
It includes eternal life, health, prosperity, peace, safety, companionship,
success, and blessings in all forms.
[From well down on the page at Believers Covenant Fellowship: General Information)

Contast this to the Methodist Church definition in our catechism:

Salvation is the forgiveness of our sin, deliverance from guilt, and the gift of new life in Christ. It is a process that begins now, gives us victory over death and is completed with God in heaven.

This, at least to my mind, is far more accurate to scripture (the references used are Mark 2: 1-4, 10: 28-31, 45. 2 Corinthians 5: 18-21 and Romans 5: 15-21).

A definition that promises health, wealth and peace in this life to ALL who believe cannot stand-up to the current world situation (millions of Christians dying in poverty, of AIDS, in wars). Nor does it stand-up to much in the way of historical review (look at Peter and Paul as two examples – by this definition that can’t have had salvation).

Now as regards sexuality I want to repeat the GB Methodist position (see The Methodist Church – Factsheets: The Debate on Homosexuality… at a Glance) namely that conference has passed a series of resolutions. These :

  • affirm the joy of sexuality as God’s gift.
  • declare that all practices of sexuality which are promiscuous, exploitative or demeaning in any way are unacceptable forms of behaviour and contradict God’s purposes for us all.
  • state that a person shall not be debarred from the church on the grounds of sexual orientation in itself.
  • re-affirm the traditional teaching of the Church on sexuality, namely chastity for all outside marriage and fidelity within it.
  • recognize, affirm and celebrate the participation and ministry of lesbians and gay men in the church.

We are awaiting conference resolutions on Civil Partnerships and the impact on the chastity/fidelity resolution. At present performing Civil Partnerships requires a discussion between the Church Council and Minister (and I assume Superintendent).

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