Today’s Worship

Oh how good it was to get back to Church to Worship this morning, in fact I was so looking forward to it that I slipped out on my own to get to the 9:30 service and then the family arrived for Kids Praise and the Celebration service.

Anyway, two lovely services one by Bill Prince and the other by Eddie Newton. Both followed the Salt theme which was based on the story of the healing of Naaman (2 Kings 5: 1-18).

Interesting to reflect how vital the “unimportant” people were in the story, particularly the Slave girl from Israel and Naamans servant. Reminds me of the post the other day about slavery it is NOT God who abandons people or ceases to love them, it is us! May God break through our pride as he broke through Naamans to let us listen to those who we have abandoned and who we don’t love.

The attitude of Jesus to outcasts was and is always one of love, compassion and friendship. What a disaster for us and his world that we so often don’t follow him. We don’t need anything but our own attitudes to people seeking asylum; people fleeing war, persecution or poverty; people without jobs, money, family, friends; people addicted to drugs and so many others to condem us.

I don’t know how I could cope with that guilt and condemnation without the forgiving, healing and hopeful love of Christ, knowing that the Spirit is at work throughout the world bring love, peace and Gods Kingdom.

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