Various PFOT and PS links

A few links that have picked up my discussions and run with them or that seem related to me:

PFOT & Penal Substitution

More general on Evangelicalism

Spring Harvest vs UCCF

Meanwhile Adrian has linked to my series on Pierced for our Transgressions in Dave Warnock Shares an Alternative View of the Atonement, I am not sure what alternative view I have shared yet ;-) The comments include the start of a potentially interesting discussion:

Me: Methodism has a long evangelical tradition – one that I am pleased to
be part of. Being a Methodist Evangelical is a normal and good place to
be and has been so for over 250 years.

Adrian: Methodism practically invented evangelicalism. I guess folks today are
blurring the boundaries of evangelicalism – I am interested in what
should be the definition of an evangelical in the 21st century.

Me: I don’t get this. I don’t know in what way you are saying that
Evangelical Methodists have blurred the boundaries of evangelicalism.
In what ways is my evangelicalism blurred compared to John Wesley?

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