We’re all suppliers now (and customers too)

The Silent Penguin: We’re all suppliers now (and customers too) is very right when it comes to Free/Open Source Software. In my opinion it should also be true theologically and practically
for the Church.

As I look back through the history of Methodism this is
a key part of our tradition that has got somewhat lost. There are so
many aspects of Methodism that others have now taken onward and into
new areas while we have neglected them:

  • The bias away from the Clergy to Lay people for everything
  • Small groups (we used to call them Classes and Bands and they were the basis of all Methodist structures and ways of being)
  • Spirituality (particularly Scriptural Holiness)
  • Empowerment, Enablement, Education of ordinary people

Fortunately all over Methodism there are renewed ways in which we are getting back to these (and other) things. The priorities of the Methodist Church nationally are to me one of the clear signs of this. Another is the Christmas message from the President of Conference.

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