What is an evangelical?

What is an evangelical? is an interesting post giving a very different understanding to that posited by the T4G group. It particularly focuses on the way that fundamentalism and evangelical are not one and the same.

3 thoughts on “What is an evangelical?

  1. sally

    thanks for this Dave, this article highlights why I find it hard to call myself an evangelical- even though atheart I am- I cannot take a hard line on the homosexuality debate, or many other almost fundamentalist stands so called evangelicals are taking these days.

  2. DaveW

    Sally, I know what you mean. It is a difficult thing to give up on a word so steeped in our history, but so far as I can see attempts to reverse changes in the use of words are doomed. We may need to find a new term.
    I still hurt over the way the media has redefined hacker rather than using the correct term cracker in the IT field. See the Jargon file definition to understand what I mean.

  3. sally

    interesting definition- funny how such a positive term can be turned into something negative with a bit of bad press, I guess that is what has become of the title evangelical- not sure what to replace it with though. Dave Tomlinson calls himself a Post-Evangelical- not sure about the presenttrend to attach the wor post to anything to make it sound acceptable to todays’ culture.


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