Wii Bowling at Ringstead

Just back from an evening of Wii Bowling at Ringstead Shared Church. A new venture for us, one of a number of purely social events that we are putting on for the village.

We had 17 people which was just about right for the space available (and meant there was plenty of good food to enjoy).

We had advertised it with the corny title "Free Wii Bowling – you won’t need to spend a penny".

Thanks to some generous equipment loans we had two Wii’s and 8 remotes, one Wii using my projector and the other on the large TV screen from the Church.

I think that nearly everyone got at least one strike. Our winner (co-incidently the youngest there – in year 4) got an amazing 258 in one round (I think that was all strikes apart fropm 2 spares).

Anyqwway everyone seemed to enjoy the bowling and the company. The next social event is a village Christmas party in January.

What was quite strange is that Jane was at a Barn Dance at Raunds Methodist Chapel while I was Wii Bowling. We both had a good time, but I do prefer social events with the wife rather than without :-)

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