I have updated 2 posts on this weblog:

and I have deleted a 3rd "Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd hiding from customers"

The changes have been to reflect that the Kitchen contract for my Mother-in-law was with Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd and not two companies I am not allowed to name.

I apologise to the companies that I am not allowed to name for confusing them with Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd with whom we had a contract to fit an Ikea Kitchen.

At this point the situation is like this:

  • Every piece of paper we have from Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd (Business Card, Quotation, Invoice) has printed on it the name of one of the companies I am not allowed to name and their website address. In fact the business card from the Surveyor does not have "Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd" on it at all.
  • Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd have still not replaced the dishwasher that their installers drilled a hole in (in July when fitting it).
  • Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd have not been to inspect the kitchen floor or refit it. The floor was incorrectly fitted by them in July.
  • Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd are refusing to speak to us on the phone.
  • When visiting to consider the help my mother-in-law needs around the home Age Concern expressed their concern that the floor is unsafe.
  • We have sought quotations to get the floor repaired or fixed ourselves. The independent contractor who visited informed us that the floor had been fitted with no expansion gaps. He was unwilling to give us a quote to fix it as he did not think it could be fixed. Because all the kitchen cabinets rest on the wooden floor the job was too large for him to quote for as the whole kitchen would need to be removed so that the floor could be taken up and replaced.
  • The only response has been for Solicitors acting for the companies I am not allowed to name to threaten their seeking an injunction and damages for not properly referring to "Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd". They have not offered to fix the problems at all.
  • We have been in contact with our own legal advice who are clear that I have not committed Libel or Defamation. However, I have complied in full with the requirements of the solicitors to remove these company names and apologise for using the wrong company name.
  • The 4 page letter from the solicitors does not accuse us of any inaccuracy regarding the quality of the kitchen installation or of the quality of the Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd service.
  • We have now been in contact with the government’s Consumer Direct helpline. They have been very helpful and are sending us details of how to respond to Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, plus what to do if Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd do not rectify the problems.

We would encourage the people from Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd to consider actually fixing the problems that they have admitted on the phone that they have caused. We would be delighted to meet them at my Mother-in-law’s to have the dishwasher replaced and the floor fixed. I would be delighted to be able to write a very positive blog post about Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd putting my Mother-in-law’s kitchen right.

We spent two months chasing Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd to fix these problems before I made my first blog post relating to their poor service and another two weeks before the second and third. At any point  in the last 4 months Hinton Wood (MK) Ltd could have resolved this issue by actually acting on our complaints. Instead they have instructed all their staff to not speak to us and used a solicitor to complain about our use of company names.