Better training and good bike bits

Had a good training ride yesterday, improvement on 42: Climbing practice anyway. It was Ministerial Synod (sort of Church government meeting for Methodist Ministers), held in Wellingborough. So I cycled there. It is just under 10 miles but they feel quite hilly (for this part of Northamptonshire anyway).

To increase the training effect I arranged for a 250mph headwind on the way there. Definitely should have been a hurricane warning or something.

I also towed by Bob Yak trailer, makes me work harder and makes it easy to carry my mini laptop and a full set of clothes.

Two new bits of equipment have made the Giant Yukon fx2 more comfortable and versatile. So here is another Bike bits list:

GR2 Magnesium Handlebar Grips

Fantastic for comfort and increasing the number of hand positions.

Ultimate 5 Classic Large Bar Bag
Good place for your packed lunch, books, coat etc. Nice and solid, easy to fit and easy to open (no fiddly zips).

Topeak Road Morph With Gauge
My favourite pump to carry with you. Very easy to use and capable of good pressure easily.

Tubus Locc Rear Rack
I have one of these on my Trek Road Bike, fantastic as it has a clamp for your U-Lock built into the rack. You always have the lock with you and it does not have to fill a pannier. Plus locking up is much quicker.

That'll do for now.

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